Monday, January 21, 2008

Who He Is And How This Came To Be

At my new writers' group meeting:
Non-Vampire Dave: Why did the hooker go to the bathroom?
Me: To get to the john!

At a friend's party:
Drunken angry "cockblocking" guest: Replace yourself, if you please.
Me: I don't speak Lindsay Lohan. What are you saying?

Talking to The Homie Kate:
Kate: I had a dream about ___________________.
Me: Oh, no.
Kate: Don’t worry, there weren’t any clothes off.
Me: So he was in it, but not in it.

That's me: Smart-ass. Jerk. Bigmouth. Callbacks are Rocky Horror-ese for poking fun at what you see on the screen. And I don't stop there: I'm the guy who whistled the Python tune during Passion Of The Christ. I've gone Capital One to folks at SCA battles.

Smart-ass. Jerk. Bigmouth.

I'm opening this blog because I wanted a new space for venting. I'm also going to use it to help me keep my only resolution for '08: Write More. So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to write reviews for at least one movie or tv show per week. In time, I'll also incorporate more stories, with the hopes of this becoming my primary blog by the start of 2009. Sorry, LJ, our relationship is on borrowed time.

So, welcome, those of you following this small rant. Trust me, there's more where it came from.

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jessica said...

I love it already.