Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There is no Ever After, only what happens next ...

Time to get back on the horse.

If you'll forgive my bluntness, these past few months have been rather depressing. I won't go into the reasons behind that right now, but I need to kick this thing up again, for my own sake. Recent days have been ... better, but not in that happy shiny holy shit, everything's going to Be Alright way you'd want to expect. I don't know if that moment of being "over it" is ever going to come. Not that I sit around and mope. I just feel ... diminished, somehow.

But rest assured, I have been trying to work toward what people would call "a better place." Even though I haven't been writing, I have become a pretty good reader and commenter at a group of blogs that I hope you've found or will find: Racialicious, Occasional Superheroine, MightyGodKing, ThinkProgress and Comic By Comic.

Last night, I attended a get-together for local bloggers, several of whom use this service. The group seemed a little tech-heavy for my tastes, but nice enough. I hope to meet more of them soon, maybe forge some new connections. And, I'm proud to tell you that tomorrow, I'll be published at Racialicious, giving you another set of reasons why the new Mummy movie sucks. I'm also going to introduce Callback Flashbacks -- repostings from my older blog, of funny stories from older roadtrips. We'll have one later today, in fact.

Mostly, I'm here to tell you that this isn't the End of something or the Beginning of something else. Such formal descriptions are lost on me these days. There's only my choices and my plans, and the things I want to talk about. From there, I have to build the rest.

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