Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Detour To Springfield: TIC vs. The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Ep 2.2

We were hoping to call this review Johnny Come Lately, but we'll probably have to wait, as Team Manic Depressive split up this week while the series kept laying the groundwork for the next year.

Finally, John decided to sort-of act like a teenager, and picked up a suitably random female companion to bring home to his family's new home (which they managed to get in one day. I know this is sci-fi, but that's some especially crazy shit.) Mom, of course, didn't approve of John straying from The Mission To Preserve The Future Until Christian Bale Takes Over The Role, but John held his ground. Sadly, he didn't justify his behavior by explaining he wanted to start building his army for the future the old-fashioned way (wink wink nudge nudge QUIT C-CKBLOCKING ME, MOM) but there's always next week, right?

While John made time, Sarah, Cameron and Uncle Derek raced against it, as they tried to stop a nearby nuclear reactor, destined to become a key battleground in the upcoming wars, from melting down. What with inter-network crossovers becoming more popular these days -- seriously, CSI and Two And A Half Men? -- you'd think there was room here for Fox to acknowledge its' most famous power plant. But despite the presence of its' own incompetent, bald owner, the ep muddled on through Crisis of the Week territory.

Along the way, Sarah becomes "crapped up," slang for contaminated with radiation ... maybe. She's forced to undergo a humiliating full-body scrub by power plant staff, and also has to consider Cameron's prediction last year that she'll be dead within two years. But here, the series' relentless mopeyness undercuts this development, rather than underscore it. Sarah's seemingly done nothing but kvetch the entire series. How is this any different? At this rate I'm going to bail on this series, again. Man, I hope Heroes picks up the pace this year. But we'll talk about that later.

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