Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday we asked you to choose a coach for TIC's entry into Sunday's FHF battle on HOUR 42, someone who could motivate and prepare our mighty squad. But, you might be asking, who's actually going to be on the squad? Today, you get to help me figure that out, as we start selecting the players. First up, the field leader -- the quarterback. Your contenders are:

Buffy Summers (Dark Horse)
The woman who made the world change. Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been showing her leadership skills for years -- first her homegrown Scoobies, and now an army of Slayers. After facing down a Hellmouth, angry goddesses, a homicidal former first love and for heaven's sake, high school, what challenge could stand in the way of Sunnydale's pride and joy?

Pluses: Adaptable to nearly every sort of combat and situation; streak of defiance invariably throws opponents (and Watchers) off their game.
Minuses: Though athletic to no end, Buffy's never shown an interest in, y'know, playing any sports. Will her years as a cheerleader lead to awkward teenage flashbacks?

Captain America (Marvel)
This ain't your father's Sentinel of Liberty. James Buchanan Barnes -- Bucky if you're nasty (or stupid) -- did a ton of bad during his life as the Winter Soldier, but he's determined to make up for it while living up to the greatest mantle this side of Krypton, inherited from Steve Rogers himself. After starring in an excellent series by Ed Brubaker, look for the new Cap to step it up as the leader of the New New Avengers.
Pluses: Tactical training second-to-none except perhaps his fallen mentor.
Minuses: Will Steve Rogers' ghost continue to hover over Bucky's promise?

The Savage Dragon (Image)
Like Kurt Warner in the actual Super Bowl, the Dragon's story is one of relative longevity for a character who's not a Marvel or DC property; he's starred in his own book, written and drawn solely by Erik Larsen, since 1993, a Cal Ripken-like streak that's to be commended. As a character, Dragon's been one of the underrated powerhouses in comics -- nearly as strong as anybody you could name, with a singular streak of common sense in his finny head. The Dragon isn't going to lose you many games.

Pluses: Crazy-ass life in the Chicago PD (alternate worlds? Check. Dead loved ones? Check.) has prepared him for seemingly any challenge.
Minuses: Unproven on the big stage -- would he only appeal to the "hardcore" comic fan?

Three solid choices, no? But it's up to you to point the way. Who's gonna lead the way for our team against Peter Pixie's squad this Sunday? Find out on HOUR 42!

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Sara said...

Buffy Summers as a quarterback? Hells yeah! Can Xander be a cheerleader? *g*