Monday, June 15, 2009

New at The R

At Racialicious today I wrote a short column focusing on Guillermo Del Toro's interview with Wired magazine, in which the writer seems to want to keep pigeon-holing GDT as a geek even while praising him for breaking out of the geek box. Plus, Del Toro says he's identified the "Model T" for a whole new way of telling stories.

Also, check out Wendi Muse's story, Nostalgia: A Sport For The Privileged. Here's an excerpt:

We fall in love with the beautifully enchanting portrayal of the past that we encounter in novels, historical fiction, and on the big screen. We get lost in the dashing gentry, the voluminous hoop skirts, the lazy Sunday evenings. This fantasy past, however, is quite far from the reality most of us would have encountered in the "good old days."

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