Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So how's the show doing? Glad you asked ...

I'll be honest: when @ThePeterPixie and I started talking about doing Hour 42, it was almost on a lark: the two of us doing on-air what we'd been doing online and off for most of the almost nine(!) years we've known each other - geek out over comic books and superheroes and heroines. I think we wrote the bulk of the first show - aka the Collectors' Item - about an hour before showtime. And there was more than a little dead air.

Seven months later, I really feel we're on an upswing. A big part of the credit, of course, should go to Peter and his lovely wife, @TheOrnament - even in the weeks where I feel like I'm falling into the hole again, they've helped me keep my focus and, really, just relax and be geeky.

What we've discovered is, so far, more people seem to listen to us on demand than during the live show - we're "DVR viewing," you could say. I can't say we've amassed a big audience so far, though appearances by The Nerdy Bird and MGK yielded not only sizable audiences but really fun shows. (By the way, guys, the door's open for you to come back at any time.)

Now, for the Coming Attractions section:

* Starting July 12, we're switching time slots, to a 7pm PST (10p EST) start-time. Hopefully this will help us coerce more east-coast friends to join us *cough* @ohsuperheroine and @RichL *cough*
* This coming Sunday, July 5, will be our first show with two guests: Robert Axelrod, who played Lord Zedd on the old Power Rangers shows, and we'll be hearing from the folks behind the Screaming Tiki Con in Cleveland
* We're working on a special anime-centric episode to be broadcast live - with an audience! - from Anime Fest Wichita, where Peter will be serving as the host
* I will be representing The R as a correspondent at San Diego Comic-Con, but I'll also try to make some other connections there ...
* The show will have a presence at the Long Beach Comic-Con in October - and we'll probably be giving away passes through the show in some form.

So yeah, the show is still fun, my partners and I don't want to strangle each other yet, and we're getting a little bit of notice - not bad for a spur-of-the-moment idea, right?

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