Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been fighting another block this week, so maybe switching things up will help. Hence, a special video jukebox starring Bea-f'ing-ker.

This morning, Pop Candy (written by the fabulous Whitney Masterson, who I've met) blogged about the Webby Awards, which yadda yadda best on the web yadda yadda Jimmy Fallon won so I don't give a damn anymore. But, our boy Beak earned a People's Voice Award nomination for this take on "Ode To Joy:"

Beaker winning after that was, of course, a fait accompli. The Webbys "twist" on acceptance speeches is, they can only be five words long. But Beaker came prepared ... sort of.

That just made me smile. Because electrocution is always funny. Next up, a haircut, some furniture changes, and some more writing.

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