Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Notes on Torchwood: COE Part 2!

* Not only did the pace pick up acceptably well in Day 2 of the team's worst week ever, but John Fay's script supplied a surprising amount of good humor, including a solid turn by ANDY of all people.
* Bombshells were dropped, literally and figuratively, and handled adroitly by everybody involved.
* One ace in the hole came into play, and even though there were moments of Canon Sue, the character is still likable enough to root for after this mess is done
* Gwen's still running the show capably - capably enough for me to worry about her, to be honest - but Ianto really stepped up here, too.
* Day 3 promises to be the turning point, as we might get the one big question hanging over all this answered.

* Notes on Part 1

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Joseph Shahadi said...

I heart Gwen. Can't wait to see this.

Torchwood is a little bit less fun than I wanted it to be (certainly compared to its parent program, which is one of the most successful genre reboots of all time). But I am still looking forward to seeing where it goes.