Friday, May 15, 2009


This week I felt like giving you something on the funky side -- so I went with one of my favorite hip-hop acts of the decade: London's own DJ Format. Format and his crew only released two albums, but they were light years ahead of a lot of what you're hearing from the radio. We'll start making our case with his collaboration with Jurassic 5's Charlie 2na and Akil, "We Know Something You Don't Know."

That same album, Music For The Mature B-Boy, also featured the track that introduced me to Format, "Vicious Battle Raps," featuring Abdominal:

Abdominal would return for Format's second album, If You Can't Join 'Em ... Beat 'Em, and joined fellow Canadian D-Sisive on "3 Feet Deep" -- and I'd definitely play the video game featured in this video.

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