Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Notes on the Smallville finale

After you give up on something, it's natural, after some time has passed, to reconsider your feelings -- was your judgment rushed earlier? Were there qualities you'd forgotten about when you chose to walk away? Would time and distance give you a new perspective if you made the choice to come back?

Thank you, Smallville, for renewing my faith in my own instincts.

After sort-of keeping up to date on the season thanks to SV loyalist @ThePeterPixie, I tuned in for last night's season finale and saw the same things that drove me away. It's not about canon -- that got thrown out the window the minute Lois was brought into the picture. It's the relentless monologuing by everybody about everything they're going to do. This particular episode, it was the tease of a Legion return and possibly a team-up with the Little League, which yielded a pointless cameo by Cosmic Boy, and the rest of the team looking like imbeciles. Really? Hog-tying Doomsdreamy was the big plan? Would a Wet Willie have "crossed the line"? It's little wonder Bruce Wayne hasn't been allowed to associate with this batch of whiners -- it'd be like sticking Denis Leary on a soap opera:

Bruce: Okay, we're gonna send Doomsday to the Phantom Zone. Here's what we --
Chloe: But there's still a real person there!
Bruce: After that's done, we're taking down Lexcorp.
Ollie: Um, I already had an idea about --

Ok, maybe that sounds more like Frank Miller. But you get my point.

And then there was the long-promised throwdown between Super ... guyClark and the Doomsday entity, which lasted all of a good three minutes, sacrificed for the sake of, what, Lois and Tess hurling pronoun modifier smack at each other? Bart Allen's Spicoli impersonation? Look, Clark Kent's morality and immigrant issues can make for a good story. But sometimes, Clark just needs to beat somebody down.

See how satisfying that is for everybody? Anyway, I'll spare you more vitriol. If you check out my twitter feed, you can see how upset I got watching the show. And if you check out the HOUR 42 show blog, wonder of wonders -- Peter didn't like the show either!

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CrazedDrScott said...

I never got into the show. I thought it was an interesting idea, but I always felt like it was going to be more like a Dawson's Creek type show (c'mon, picture it, Clark is Dawson, Lana is Joey, Luthor is Pacey and Lois is Jen. Okay, I think I know WAYYYYYYY too much about Dawson's Creek).

Everytime I see a preview, I look at it as "So, what new character are they gonna bring into the 'DC Babies' show and change what that character actually is".