Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Dollhouse

Dammit, now that was Prime Whedon Stuff right there. "Briar Rose," written by TEH JOSS and Jane Espenson, gave us a cliffhanger on par with anything we'd seen the Mutant Enemy team do before. Anything.

And most of the credit here, without spoiling it, should go to Alan Tudyk, who knocked his role out of the park. This is the kind of ass-kicking Heroes just can't deliver any more. Suddenly I'm more hopeful next week's episode is only a season finale.


Joseph Shahadi said...

I know right? I am right there with you on Tudyk (who is a fantastic actor and really brilliant here) AND Dollhouse.

I have never changed my mind so completely about a show before... It was so meh in the beginning but Dollhouse just needed a minute to unfold.

Anonymous said...

Tudyk-fan here, too. I am so hoping Dollhouse doesn't die.

The last few episodes were really great, to me.