Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dream Theatre

Had a pretty fun dream this morning: I was in a musical. I'll try to recount as much as possible.

The story concerned a group of Irish men and women settling in a steel town in America. My role could be considered a featured supporting player -- third or fourth lead, I guess. I don't remember specifics of the songs, other than I sang in the opening number; in the Act I closer, a eulogy for one of the settlers; and in the climactic sequence -- a football ('soccer') game. I remember the opening night crowd giving us a standing ovation.

And I remember giving an interview after the show where I admitted, "I knew I had a dodgy Irish accent, but it was too late to back out when I found out about it." I've had a run of active dreams lately -- definitely not nightmares, just dreams where I'm in action of some sort. It's a welcome development.

More to come today, including a special Thursday Morning Jukebox!


Hey Gepetto said...

Never heard the dodgy Irish accent, but can vouch for the Scottish and English... ;)

ABoyNamedArt said...

Oi! Cor! Sooth! And several other colloquialisms! :)

ABoyNamedArt said...

Actually, my friend Albert and I were joking about casting the Welsh gal from 'Torchwood' as Wonder Woman: