Thursday, October 9, 2008


We're posting this early on account of, I will be away from any and all keyboards for most of the weekend. This afternoon I leave for a mini-holiday in San Francisco. Included in the tentative itinerary: daytripping in Berkeley; visits to City Lights and Vesuvio's; and karaoke in Daly City for a goodbye party. This is probably going to be my last roadtrip for awhile, my last big expenditure before the move at the end of the month, and my first real solo roadtrip in years. I think it's going to be good for me -- if not my wallet.

So in honor of the City, we're going with "Lights," by Journey. Sweet little song, and one that's perpetually underrated compared to "Faithfully" or, most obnoxiously, "Don't Stop Believing." Everybody have a good weekend, and we'll be back in time for the next Heroes recap.

Oh crap, how could I not mention this yet? Happy Birthday, Slackmistress!

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