Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Upgrades. I Need Them.

The three questions I heard the most at tonight's San Diego Bloggers get-together:

* What is Racialicious?

I guess I never realized how srs bzns this can be for some people. And how far I still have to go to take this further beyond the realm of a glorified LJ. So, next year will be one of growth, in tech and in technique. And it could start soon: I've already gotten talked into both entering the Twitterverse and attending and speaking at a Barcamp. Already, where I've been feels a little smaller. I feel a whole other world opening up. I'm afraid, excited, but I know it's the place I want to reach.

For now, here's some of the URLs I collected tonight. Expect to see them on the blog listing soon:

* Edward O'Connor
* Erin O'Connor
* Sophistichate
* Six Figure Moms' Club
* Follow Up Success
* La Costa Mom
* Amy Miyamoto
* Photos By Rowell
* Discover SD

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Angie A. Swartz said...

Hey, I'm happy to see you've been influenced to upgrade. Let me know if you want some kind, gentle nudging along the way. Take a step to day and join us on Twitter. It's such a fun Tribe to join and your journey will be amazing there! There a printer in Encinitas who gives great deals to her twitter friends to so she can help you design and print business cards. You're well on your way. I'm a business coach too so what more could you ask for? Social Media bliss is coming your way! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride! Follow me on twitter @aaswartz

Angie, Founder at www.sixfiguremomsclub.com
Thanks for the mention!