Thursday, October 23, 2008


The weeks after vacations are the worst for my productivity. Hence, the one-week hiatus. But, the pics from the trip are up here. A mini-update before we discuss the video above:

* One week 'til the move and things are still shaping up nicely. The Mortician and I might even be able to start moving stuff in early.

* I'll be working at a local voting precinct during the 4 Nov. election and am looking forward to that, as well. The local registrar of voters is expecting a record turnout, so it'll be Katie-bar-the-door time. I just hope the damn touchscreens work.

* TIC on the airwaves? It could happen next year ... Stay tuned, True Believers.

Today's song is the extended version of "A Tu Lado," taken from a show by Duncan Dhu. I first became aware of them thanks to their classic "En Algún Lugar," but this track also holds up. Perfect for CoupleSkate. Enjoy!

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