Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Special (Special!) ... So Special (Special!) ...

I can finally tell you, True Believers, that I am a bonafied TV columnist, as I will be covering television and trends as a Special Correspondent for Racialicious!

Obviously, this means more Heroes items -- and boy, is that show caught in a maelstrom as of late -- but a wider range of television posts. Next up: a review of David Alan Grier's Chocolate News, and a column tentatively titled, "I'm On A Mexican Radio" ...

In other news, if you'd have told me that Preacher would become a movie, I'd have slapped you -- well, slugged you on the shoulder -- and begged you not to give me false hopes. Well, ho-lee shit. Early stunt casting: Nathan Fillion as Jesse Custer and Elizabeth Banks as Tulip O'Hare?

At this rate, Jesse might be the only hero Christian Bale isn't interested in playing. The latest word is that besides his turns as Batman and John Connor, he's up for playing Dr. Strange, too. Is his agent playing Geek Bingo?

EDIT: We interrumpt this post to ask you a burning question -- Ever wanted to see reality show zombies get torn apart by actual zombies? Thank Britain forever for granting your wishes.

Finally, a rare meme, but one I can really identify with today:

What Your Love of M&M's Says About You

You are energetic and full of inspiration.

You never slow down, and you're constantly leaving people and ideas behind.

You are a true visionary. You are constantly thinking about the future.

You love living, and you stay flexible. You're open to going wherever life takes you.


the slackmistress said...

Congrats! I've been reading you here and there, but I've been remiss in commenting. So: YAY!

AJ Plaid said...

:;strolls around::

Soooo...this is where you live, luvie. Nice digs!

Congrats on the new Racialicious gig! And I wouldn't be The Cruel Secretary if I didn't bring the punch. Like....this!

::plants a big one on Arturo's forehead::

Thanks for the link lurve--even with the naughty-esque "Content Warning"--and I'll see you soon!


ABoyNamedArt said...

hahah, thanks for the punch, AJ, as ever ;)

And thanks to you, too, Slack :) Hope to see you tomorrow night!