Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Day, Another 'New Doctor' Rumor ...

... This one courtesy of Occasional Superheroine: The latest name in the New Doctor Sweepstakes is apparently Colin Salmon, who we saw in the series last year as Doctor Moon in the 'Library' two-parter. He's set to appear in both the new Bond and Punisher flicks, and you might also remember him as Superintendent Johnson on the dearly-departed Keen Eddie.

After all the hype about Patterson Joseph, I'm surprised to hear Salmon is in the running (upstream?), but I'd be down with this call, if it's the one Moffat makes.


... said...

I'm up for Colin Salmon coming in. He was fairly brilliant in the Library two-parter. I think I still like Patterson Joseph a little more right now, if only for his performance in Jekyll.

Is Moffat determined to get a black doctor? I'm cool with that, following the recent trend.

Peter Pixie said...

Im super cool with Salmon. An awesome actor.

I do hope, and I am pretty certain as he is a HUGE fan (bigger than me? maybe.) that the Grand Moff will choose the best actor available for the role. (I am NOT available for those who were interested. lol)

Also. NO Graysons! Yay? for me yeah. Yay!;_ylt=AjKn358zv8eVzAQyKs5sSwFpMhkF