Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day & The Phantom Twitters

I spent the day at my friends' Suzanne and Craig's house, in north San Diego. For whatever reason, my phone never gets service in their neck of the woods. And since I was cut off from the 'Net for 24 hours(!), here's some of the Twitters I would have sent during that time:

* People camping outside a Best Buy at 2 p.m. That's beyond sad.
* The Jonas Brothers performing during halftime of Cowboys/Seahawks. Suddenly, I'd rather be a Best Buy camper.
20 minutes later
* Watching the Jonas Brothers. Suddenly I miss Hanson.
* The Jonas Brothers: three men, one eyebrow!
* They're lip-synching! Gods, I hate that!
* Yeah, sticking the pro-abstinence boys up there next to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders isn't hypocritical *at all.*
* I will *give* my kids drugs if it turns them on to better music.

Last Night
* Surprise, surprise, Tropic Thunder doesn't suck!
* Had a good meal while avoiding a food coma. Best of both worlds.
* Had just enough time to introduce Suzanne to Season Three of Doctor Who. Mission accomplished!

This Morning
* Mork & Mindy marathon! Marvelous!
* My Pam Dawber crush is reborn like a phoenix. Am I the only one who thought she was hot?

... Back at home today, but not for long. Gotta get cleaned up, then brave the shopping masses so I can be feeling, as the song goes, zombified. See, tomorrow I'm going undead with my friends Victoria & The Vaudevillians at their show. V&TV are performing with another local band I like, Tragic Tantrum Cabaret. Here's a closer look at TTC, doing "Swan Song":

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