Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On The Streets

LAST SATURDAY, NORTH PARK -- The old man walked along the bus stop on 30th and University, seemingly looking for any conversation he could find. At least, any that agreed with him.

"I don't hate them. I don't disrespect 'em," he said, watching the young men and women with the No On 8 signs pass by. "But I'm not gonna vote for 'em. One man, one woman: that's just how I was raised." To his right, a young man nodded his head in agreement. Seconds later, two men with signs walked up and hugged a person the old man was talking to, prompting him to make his way to the other end of the bus stop, looking back occasionally and huffing.

In the wake of Prop. 8's victory in California, the streets have been filled with rallies and protests. This coming Saturday, I'll take part in another, a part of a national protest against the new law. I'll file a report as best I can that day.

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We even have one up and running for Birmingham in this red little state, but the in-laws are severely messing up my plans this weekend. Bah. Take lots of pictures!