Monday, November 3, 2008

We Have Two Less People To Blame For Heroes

Peter Pixie passed along this post:

Heroes co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb have been fired.

Now, I always thought Loeb was seen as the show's "link" to comicdom, which made it seem funny when series creator Tim Kring would insist he'd never read comics while coming up with the show; and Loeb was also part of the team behind Smallville. He's currently writing an ongoing Hulk comic that is routinely panned in the comics press.

As for Alexander, as we remarked last week, he pulled off a Magical Minority three-peat in his writing of the still-unnamed Usutu. So he wasn't helping the show's case any this year. And the signs grow ever more ominous for this show. Meantime, I invite you to head on over to Racialicious for our panel discussion of last week's episode.

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Peter Pixie said...

It gets better:

Kring must have been in our heads... lol OR HE READS YOUR BLOG!