Friday, November 21, 2008


Since I went to the Cafe Tacuba show a few nights ago, I'll just go ahead and get another fix of them this morning.

I arrived to the show 20 minutes late, just before the band kicked into "Ingrata" -- and from the opening bar, the crowd started singing. Always a good sign. The show lasted nearly three hours, and nearly half of it was technically the encore. The singer, Ribaac, looked like he was having an honest blast on stage. No "cool" posing, no sneering, not even a hint of Tortured Artist in his demeanor. There was even a Reconciliation bit, like you'd find at Sunday mass, where we were invited to shake hands with those around us. Not many people actually did it, from what I could see, but I thought the gesture was nice.

Probably the loudest non-musical cheer of the night came during one of Ribaac's monologues, when he declared, "Borders are bullshit, man." But he didn't dwell much on the political stuff. Instead, the band just seemed to keep playing through the night, even after the hall emptied.

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