Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TIC Recommends ...

Just a quick sweep around for stuff that interests me that might interest you, starting with something I've definitely been late to the party on: Repo: The Genetic Opera. I can only hope this makes it to wider release after watching MOTHERFUCKING GILES kick it Sweeney Todd-style. Watch the trailer!

In less-bloody news, TIC has always been a supporter of Internet radio, especially in these days where more and more stations are content to voice-trak their way toward the "bottom line," rather than better radio. San Diego is a particularly heinous market. This is the kind of market where "alternative radio" means playing the same bloody Alice In Chains and Sublime tunes 10 times a day, and Nirvana's Nevermind is still in regular rotation. (Full disclosure: I'm also that guy, the one with the ridiculously large music collection. So I revel in my snobbery. Now playing, Fatboy Slim -- "Love Island.")

One particularly loathsome example of Corporate Radio at work occurred last week, when longtime -- and I mean decades-long -- mainstay Steve West was let go by former alternative kingpin station 91X, now dominated by a collection of douchebag jocks. Luckily for us, Mr. West is still kicking, on a larger, more open-minded station -- his own. Radio Nigel is, basically, the aural equivalent of the dearly-departed 120 Minutes. It runs cleanly on Windows Media and iTunes and the playlist updates in realtime on the page. Give it a shot.

If your tastes range more toward the modern, check out the latest mixtapes posted by The Mixtress. You can also read about her ongoing mix projects, the cool stuff she finds on the 'Net, and about the award-winning documentary made about her in only a week.

Yup, we're still talking about Heroes. Not only is last night's recap available for viewing, but, over at Racialicious, we've got a roundtable discussion of last week's much-reviled episode, "Villains." How bad was it? Not only did the show's viewership continue to drop, but the response to it over at Producer Greg Beeman's blog reached a staggering 87 comments, most of them in the negative. Plus, the pics Beeman posts, like this one of Mr. Bennet, are pretty nifty.

... And that's all we got for now. Now, stay tuned for a special announcement.

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