Sunday, November 16, 2008


Once again, our friend Peter Pixie tipped us off to new doings in Whodom.

First up, via IO9, the first two minutes or so of the upcoming Xmas special, where the Doc plays a game of Pleased To Meet Me: Observe.

Also, you can add another name to the Doctor Derby: Norwich native James Frain. Naturally, his hometown paper is all over it. Big ups to P-squared for the heads-up.

I've been trying to catch up on the new Bat-series, The Brave And The Bold, which premiered Friday. I've only seen about seven minutes of it so far, but so far, the show's Silver Age-y feel is coming off pretty well. No time wasted on origin sequences or getting-to-know-you misunderstandings. All three heroes featured so far -- Batman, Green Arrow and Blue Beetle -- already know each other and that's that. Jaime, cast here as a Batfanboy and rookie, has been good for laughs so far, and it's nice to hearDiedrich Bader play Bats as part James Bond, part Leslie Nielsen at his deadpan best.

Also immediately apparent: 1) It's wonderful to see what can happen with Bats when he's written by people who actually like the character. Unlike some other guys with man-crushes on Superman. 2) DC's decision to cancel Blue Beetle's solo book just as this series was starting is going to make them look really, really, really stupid. If it hasn't already.

Gotta go for now ... hooking up a new printer/scanner and gearing up for the Robot Chicken Star Wars re-mount.

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