Friday, December 12, 2008

Edison Carter: 20 Minutes Ahead Of Our Time

Sometime between FMJ and my walk on the beach, some sort of sinus bug decided to move in. Can't say I'm not ripe for the pickings now, I suppose, but definitely bad timing.

However, while making my way across the boardwalk, I started thinking about this item posted by @Illuminato.

One-person news crews? Reporters filming, editing and airing their own pieces live? Real-time newspaper blog updates? It all sounded more familiar than frightening, even if I was a former newshound, though it took me awhile to figure out why. Then the answer came to me: MAX. Watch this and tell me none of it seems plausible.

Just goes to show: fiction can be just another term for a documentary that hasn't happened yet.


soulcamp said...

I have every episode of this show on VHS somewhere. I recorded it when Bravo re-ran it briefly a few years back.

soulcamp said...

Also - Amanda Pays? Yowzers!