Friday, December 26, 2008


You wrote yourself into a corner safe
Easy to defend your borders
A fallen saint into a whispered time

My music collection continued to grow this year. I sent more mixtapes, discovered more mp3 blogs, read more and researched more about different genres throughout 2008. But when I think about the song that will remind me the most of this year, I'll think of the song I played over and over on probably too many nights for my own good, a song that was actually released in 2007: "Unguided," by The New Pornographers.

I played that song during many a midnight walk this year, particularly during my rather tumultous spring and summer. The song starts off almost serenely, gathering steam until, almost before you realize it, that cathartic final chorus hits you:

There's something unguided in the sky
There is something unguided in the sky

There were a lot of nights where things seemed unguided, off-balance. It took me a lot of effort to bring myself back to some sense of equilibrium. But, employment misadventures aside, I do have some hope going into '09. But we'll talk about that next week.

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