Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Trailer Party

Had an appointment get pushed back 'til Tuesday, so that gave us time to rummage around. We'll start with a couple of items from IO9, including this story about the much-delayed release of Fanboys, and the battle between the film's distributors and ... well, the fanboys (and girls.)

In the truth-in-advertising department, check out what's sure to become Steve Taylor's favourite film: Lesbian Vampire Killers. This one's been gathering a buzz since 2006, when a BBC web poll revealed the title alone had British horror fans wanting to know more about it. The film's Facebook profile seems to sum it up best: "It's Shaun Of The Dead with tits."

Children's Hospital is something I read about on Pop Candy awhile back. The webseries, divided into neat 5- or 6-minute chunks, features Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, and skewering of the usual medical show cliches. Check out the (nsfw) first episode above.

Black Dynamite (sfw trailer in the link) looks like it's attempting to do for '70s blaxploitation films what The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra did for '50s horror. I dunno, this could be really good, or really bad ...

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