Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today's interview was more like a practice run; I met with one of the temp agencies I worked with during my last bout of joblessness. Apparently I'm still well-regarded over there, as the rep actually advised me not to re-test with them. My supposition regarding the temp market, she said, is correct, but only in certain cases. There's still employers in need of people, she said, but certainly less than a year ago at this time. The average wait before they find people jobs, she said, is about a month, maybe two.

Which makes the next few weeks even more crucial. As things stand, I've had my resume critiqued, have set up an interview with another agency Monday, and have identified at least three jobs to apply for with the aforementioned resume, now thoroughly reconfigured for maximum Shiny potential.

But tomorrow, I have another plan, at least for the morning.


Green said...

Wow, two months? I'm on month 19 of unemployment - I would totally love if I had a job in two months.

ABoyNamedArt said...

Very good point. Thanks, and ... man, I'm so sorry.