Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TIC Recommends ...

Simon Dark might be the most underrated of the Underrated comics out there. Set in an even drearier-than-usual corner of Gotham City, and written by 30 Days Of Night mastermind Steve Niles, the series blends some disparate elements: the spookiness of The Crow with the crime-procedural snarkiness of the dearly departed Gotham Central. I read the first trade a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised.

A few weeks ago TIC Recommended a little ditty called Repo: The Genetic Opera. Well, we're pleased to report that it's coming to San Diego! It's playing at The Ken Theater this coming weekend and the venerable La Paloma Theatre soon thereafter. The Friday show at the Ken will also feature a performance by one of our favorite groups, Tragic Tantrum Cabaret.

Speaking of Anthony Stewart Head, just look at that cover for the Buffy book this month! And then try to forget that Jeph "Don't blame me for Heroes" Loeb is the writer. Still, if it's based on the almost-here BTVS animated series, it should be worth a look.

Finally, our most surprising recommendation of the week, a TNT series, of all things: Leverage is The A-Team with the '80s machismo replaced by the "ain't I cute" conceit of the Ocean's movies. But, the cast is charming enough to make it work. And, to be honest, any excuse to watch Gina Bellman looking hot is one I'm gonna take. Giggity!

UPDATE: Courtesy of MGK, check out the trailer for Mystery Team, the movie you will demand to see at theaters in 2009!

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