Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick thoughts on Dollhouse 1.2

No time for a full rant today, but:

* No surprise, the strength of the episode came from the moments between Echo and Boyd. I liked getting the timeline of events heading into 4.1
* The relationship between Boyd and Topher might become a key, as well. Getting so many reminders that They Are Not Friends leads me to believe that's going to change.
* Between the flashbacks she suffered in the midst of "The Target" and her breakdown in "Ghost," could Echo be considered "faulty" by the 'House? After all, they don't want another Alpha on their hands ...
* I'll be interested to see why, exactly, Echo was spared in Alpha's rampage
* The final monologue by Evil Agency Guy struck me as gratuitous at first -- unless we learn that he and Caroline had a pre-Echo history. Then I recalled the earlier implication that Alpha was behind the faux client who tried to kill Echo. What if Evil Agency Guy had actually set up the hit?

Lastly, I wanted to recommend this look at Joss Whedon's history with using (appropriating?) Asian motifs in both the 'House and Firefly, over at The R. Very interesting read.

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The Menda Agenda said...

So far I'm cautiously optimistic for Dollhouse. It could be worse, and really, it could have MANY more of Whedon's crew in it. Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku, I can handle. I'm not saying that any of his choice actors and actresses could destroy his new show, but at the same time the more repeat actors just makes it seem like another nameless creation of Whedon's. New plot, same characters? I'm still enjoying it, though.