Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It might surprise some of you to learn that I do still believe in love, and in love songs. It's quite true that I'm not really up to to really investing (in any sense of the word) in such things -- at least for now. But the idea itself doesn't repulse me.

Now, when I say "love songs," I don't mean the kind of tunes Da Vinci's Notebook so smartly mocks in "Title Of The Song":

My favorite love songs have a more ... I don't want to say "magical" quality, but something a little out there, an odd combination of delicacy and declaration. So, I thought I'd devote the rest of the week to sharing them with you. Perhaps you might find a slow song you could use to your advantage this week.

To kick things off, a song I recently rediscovered and listened to quite a lot today, "Emotion In Motion," by Ric Ocasek.

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