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Lean On Me: TIC v. Heroes 4.2!


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A little dab of Galactica helped keep Heroes on an even keel this week – don't look now, but this makes two consecutive non-heinous episodes!

"Trust and Blood," penned by former BSG writer/exec. Producer Mark Verheiden was all about bonds: the Heroes solidified theirs; Nathan and Noah worked on keeping theirs together; and both Claire and Sylar made new friends.

The episode was told flashback style, as Nate recounted to his mom the events immediately following last week's fateful Oceanic Flight 815 transport plane crash in Arkansas. While the boys and Claire waste no time trying to regroup, Tracy wastes no time before playing Let's Make A Deal, offering up Peter in exchange for her freedom.

Peter, obviously, has other plans. After ditching Tracy and escaping yet another confrontation with Nathan, he emerges as the leader of our fugitive fivesome, assuring Hiro, Ando, Mohinder and Matt that NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. You'd think Hiro, the comics fan, would just reassure him that things would be back to normal in a year or two. But nevermind.

Poor Matt, of course, already knows the future is changing, thanks to his increasing proficiency with the power he inherited from Usutu. Unfortunately for him, one of his new Etch-A-Sketch visions proves to be true, as Daphne is apparently gunned down by Homeland Security troops. I say "apparently" only because Hiro, the comics fan, could've just reassured Parkman that ... oh, I give up.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Sylar goes from having father issues to diagnosing them in others, as he recognizes would-be hostage Luke Campbell as a fellow bad seed – one who can cook him bacon in 90 seconds while tipping him off about the missing Papa Grey. Presto! Instant Padawan!

Claire's new buddy is more secretive. He or she, identified as “Rebel,” says hi via text message, assuring her, “You can still fight back.” Proper spelling in a text? Obviously this person will turn out to be a villain. Let's hope for more OMGs and ILU's in Claire-Bear's future.

However bad Rebel turns out to be, he or she can't be half the bastard Nathan's hired gun, Danko, is shaping up to be. Even as Nathan and Mr. Bennet grapple with the reality of their new roles, “The Hunter” seems to be chomping at the bit for the junior Senator to fail, so that he can take more drastic solutions. And as the episode closes, with Angela refusing to support her son's newfound course, and Tracy calling “You're one of us!” after him, the strain on Nathan is palpable – and, most gratifyingly, believable.

Next Week: Area 42? Kids' stuff. Welcome to Building 56!

The Racialicious Scorecard:
Hiro & Ando: Ando seemed to hold it together, for the most part, but Hiro sounded even more fanatical than usual about Heroism and regaining his sword and whatnot. Definitely a turn for the worse from his usual fanboy antics. It's also a shame Hiro is ignoring his corporate connection again; surely there's some reporter in Arkansas who would love to hear about the government kidnapping a foreign businessman, hmmm?

Mohinder: Not much to do for Suresh this week, aside from seemingly hesitating before joining Peter and the rest of the escapee crew. He did, however, unsuccessfully urge Hiro to leave them behind, telling him, "It's not your fight."

Luke Campbell: Man, the guy's changed a lot since the "Me So Horny" days ... er, wait, wrong Luke.

Usutu: On the plus side, he took a more active role (so much as he could) in assisting Matt. On the minus side, too bad for him people still remember Isaac.

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