Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Wednesday GREEN MOVIE JUKEBOX ... sorta.

While I was away from the living room a few minutes ago, I overheard a post-Oscars advert for Slumdog Millionaire. You know, the victory lap-style ad where the announcer all but says, This Film Won A Sh-tton Of Oscars, So Aren't You A Dumbass If You Haven't Seen It Yet?

The spot, of course, makes sure to feature "Jai Ho," which took the Oscar for Best Song -- sort of. The version used in the advert is about a beat slower than the original, and had some English-language lyrics stapled on, some cheery-sounding nonsense about "You Are My Destiny." Yay pandering to Middle America! The reality is, the original song is a lot better than what's being advertised:

Just read over at Comic By Comic that the Green Lantern movie is officially on for next winter. It'll be interesting to see how the public responds to someone who's neither Super nor Batty from the DCU. I'd rather it be John Stewart getting the call, of course, but it looks like the first film will be Hal-centric. Any thoughts as to who should wear the ring on the screen?

IO9 is reporting that the Green Hornet movie is back on -- with Michel Gondry directing. I liked Eternal Sunshine and all, but this strikes me as an odd fit. Either we see how good Gondry is at action sequences (the Hornet, after all, is the urban adventurer type) or this becomes a whole other type of superhero flick. I'm sure Peter Pixie and I will be discussing this on
our podcast Sunday night.

Lastly, apropos of nothing, but simply because I watched it this morning and it made me smile, a little Full Monty for you:

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