Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Better Than Advertised: Arturo v. No Heroics!

Not to blow my own horn (much), but when it comes to No Heroics, I totally called it.

The show was so well-received in England, it's already in line for an American remake. But rather than let you get disappointed by that, let's talk about the just-completed first season and why you should be seeking that out instead.

The set-up goes like this: four heroes walk into a bar. No, really. In this case, it's a set of four lower-level "capes":

She-Force: Jenny is as needy as she is strong -- and she's the 3rd strongest woman on Earth.
The Hotness: Alex is desperately trying to be famous between rounds of bickering with his ex-girlfriend.
Timebomb: Don can be summed up in three words: Drunk. Gay. Retired. Oh, and he likes to stab people.
Electroclash: Sarah is Alex's aforementioned ex, who's not above using her powers for less-than-good.

The thing about this show is, in just six episodes, it's that brilliant, British slice of awkward, like Peep Show or that other show. And there's plenty of little touches hidden throughout their fully-realized little world. Since there's six episodes, here's a peek at (NSFW) stuff from the debut, "Supergroupie":

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