Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TIC Follows Up

Just here to get back on the horse, so to speak. Things are ... well, sometimes they're good, sometimes I think they're not. The trick is getting to be keeping myself busy enough to err on the side of the better. I'll keep you posted. Right, so let's talk about a few things:
Like I said Monday, so far, so good. But, I've been re-evaluating the Peter/Mohinder sequence after reading a comment posted in our discussion of the episode over at Racialicious.

As we saw early on in the episode, most of the core cast was returning to a regular life. Most of them got jobs that were related to their chosen career paths; Peter was an EMT, Parkman was a security guard, and Tracy and Daphne went right back to their old jobs. Yet Suresh -- Doctor Suresh -- was back driving a cab.

On one hand, putting Suresh in the cab was most likely a device to get him to meet up with Peter. But, upon reflection, it did come off as lazy writing by Tim Kring. Couldn't it have been plausible for Petey the Medic to deliver a patient to Doctor Mo at a hospital? You don't sacrifice the ensuing conversation, while putting both characters at a more equal footing. (Also, Peter came off as tone-deaf, if well-meaning, while talking to the EMT of Iranian descent, but we'll talk about that on The R later in the week.)

The Brave & The Bold
I'll be honest: it disappointed me to read that Will Friedle had been cast to do the voice for the new Blue Beetle on the show. I would have liked for DC's most prominent Latino hero to have been voiced by a Latino. Though Friedle, to his credit, has said he didn't want to make Jaime into Speedy Gonzales 2.0, it's just one of those things, y'know?

But, after doing some research, I'm happy to note that Friedle's casting is a rare miscue, rather than a negative trend. Last week, for instance, not only was Not only was Ryan Choi featured as The Atom, but he was voiced by Asian-American James Sie. Prior to that, black characters Black Lightning (Bumper Robinson) and Black Manta (Kevin Michael Richardson) had been voiced by black actors. Richardson, in fact, is a series regular.

So I'm glad that B&TB is mostly doing right by its' characters of color. I'm also glad the upcoming comic book based on the series has given Katana a costume that looks more like her original gear. The harajuku-ish outfit the cartoon version originally sported kinda weird.

SuperOld At The Super Bowl
My apologies to Brother Jim, but I couldn't put together a complete SB 43 diary Sunday; I spend most of the day prepping for Hour 42. But Springsteen's performance bugged me.

I mean, the guy sounded creepy from the moment he started in with that whole "AMERICA, PUT DOWN THE CHICKEN WINGS" noise. Look, Bruce, if your own tour rider calls for your kids to get chicken wings, not to mention an entire roasted chicken for your aging sax player, don't give me crap for enjoying a $2.99 8-pack of wings because you're so desperate to come off like a "working-class guy." That whole Benny Hinn routine of yours was much scarier than Prince's guitar -- and not half as funky. And tell me this: Janet's breast slips, and it's a scandal; Bruce teabags America, and not a peep. What was that about?

Image courtesy of Awful Announcing. And yes, that is Dan Patrick!

Yup, I had to watch this. For a review, mind you, which is up at Racialicious right now; the column also touches on the "gayness" of the upcoming I Love You, Man. Enjoy!

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