Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just fyi, I probably won't be at the keyboard much over the next few days -- and for good reason.

Yup, it's Tournament time. The first day of the NCAAs is my favorite non-holiday holiday of the year, rivaled only by the first day of Comic-Con. Even though much of the week leading up to tip-off is mired in little more than gossip -- who got snubbed? who's going to be Cinderella? how much do I feel like losing in the office pool? -- it fades away that first Thursday morning, and everybody just plays.

The beauty of it is, for all the talk, you never really know what's going to happen. So, tomorrow, a few college newspaper buddies and I are going to gather at a bar and just watch all the games. I'll post a live-blog of our ridiculousness over the weekend, but I imagine at least one of us is going to reminisce about us sitting in our office when this happened:

Working or not, I try my damndest to watch as much of the opening-round games, even if it means taking a break from hitting on an Irish waitress on St. Patty's day in a Minneapolis airport bar, just to watch this:

Even if we don't know how the tournament ends exactly, I know how the ending will feel -- happy for some, decidedly not for many others. But everybody knows how the last number in the Big Dance goes:

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