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The Kid Is Alright: TIC v. Heroes 4.7!

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My, my, Micah, how you've grown.

Even if it was the worst-kept secret on the show, the youngest Sanders' return to the fold was one of several nice touches this week, making "Cold Snap" a welcome turn for the better from the past couple of episodes.

Name-checking Che and eluding Angry Valjean and the Armies of Excess Security, Micah came out of hiding to help his not-mommy Tracy escape SEXY TORTURE, only for her to first lure him into a trap, then help him get out of it with an all-out display of her freezing powers. It's hard to figure a kid who's hip to Che "leading a revolution" would be so surprised Tracy is "a politician" (not technically, but you know). Still, it was good to see somebody on the show who didn't mix good intentions with angst – in other words, not Claire.

Speaking of angst, Mrs. Petrelli was going through some of her own – though for good reason. Without Nathan's protection, she's now just another target in the Metahuman Roundup, and Cristine Rose did a good job of conveying Angela's increasing desperation, not just in her restaurant conversation with an old friend, but in her quiet sadness and resignation about her capture. When Peter flies in for the save, her relief is palpable. And it should be noted that as more of the core characters goes on the lam, there's less people around in a position to take down Big Bad Danko. That'll bear watching as Volume 4 progresses.

But writer Bryan Fuller's best feat this week might have been to bring not just closure, but credibility to the not-romance between Big Matt and Daphne. Despite theirs being the least believable of the series' on-screen romances so far, Fuller's script not only let both characters address the flimsiness of their connection ("I took a Spirit ... Walk," Matt says, almost embarrassed) but gives them a graceful exit, as Matt mentally projects himself and the dying Daph into a romantic night in Paris.

Sentimentality aside, though, the series seems to be biding its' time before (hopefully) serving up a game-changing episode. That's par for the course, of course, but watching the show nowadays feels like just that: biding our time. And with the Rebel mystery solved and the Sylar/Samson duel a disappointment, there don't look to be many engaging storylines left to engage the viewer before whatever big resolution the writers say they have planned. Much like Tracy after her run-in with the feds, the show is treading water, but on thin ice.

The Racialicious Scorecard:
Hiro & Ando: Literally miles away from the action, Team Yamagato sets out to protect little ElianMatt Jr., who, it turns out has already begun manifesting his ability. "Toddler Touch-And-Go" subsequently triggers a re-awakening of Hiro's time-stopping power. Along the way, though, we're subjected to yet another One To Grow On moment with Hiro, as he comes to terms with his mother's passing. For what they're going through, I can only hope for some sort of payoff for the boys. But I'm not very optimistic anymore. By the way, how many sick days do you think they have left at work?

Mohinder: I'm of two minds about Suresh's involvement this week: while the shot of him silently consoling Matt as Daphne lay dying made me hope for the best from their friendship, on another level, Mo was there to enhance other people's storylines: he bore witness to yet another reminder of Danko's EEEEEVIL fiscal responsibility; and didn't figure much into the Parkman/Daphne struggle other than tell the viewers she was dying. It was tough for me to reconcile this discrepancy.

Micah: Now that he's officially Rebel, Micah's character is entering his own tough spot. On the one hand, he's savvy enough to hack government servers and get people together across state lines. On the other, he was still naïve enough to believe Tracy really did care about public service. And I can't help but be disappointed not to see any involvement from Nana Dawson. But, if Micah continues to be featured, in both of his identities, he might give the show a sorely-needed person to rally around.

Next Week: Claire & Nathan on spring break – it's Benetrelli Beach Blanket Bingo!
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