Monday, March 30, 2009

TV Notes, happy and sad

* RIP, Andy Hallett.

* Dollhouse: Not as epic as last week's ep -- how could it be? -- but definitely a much stronger show as an ensemble piece rather than Echo's Weekly Adventures. Curious to see, however, that they might pull the trigger on an "awakening" so early in the run.

* Family Guy: All the hype over the TNG cast's appearance went up in smoke as soon as Peter said, "it's another Meg episode." Not as much because it was Meg as because the creative team seems to give less of a damn about her than even Peter. Too much dreck, not enough Trek.

* Better Off Ted: Glad to see Lem & Phil get their own episode so soon, and the bits of continuity -- Phil's recurring symptoms, the trickiness of the Office Affair clause -- are appreciated this early in the run. Will we get a backstory for Veronica?

Lastly, a look at Mr. Hallett as many of us probably remember him best.

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