Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Dollhouse 1.5

* Finally, the Plot o' The Week wasn't disposeable; the Remote Wiping was a welcome way to get Echo into trouble yet again. I think her chances of winning Active of the Month are starting to fade.
* Good to see Dichen Lachman get to try out the Taffy persona -- she's a capable enough actress that she wore it better than Eliza D.
* The insistence that Alpha was behind the remote wipe was so over-the-top I want to believe there's somebody else pulling the strings.
* Topher: long-lost brother of Warren?
* Comely Lab Assistant Ivy didn't seem to serve much purpose besides giving us Asian eye candy, something which, to be honest, Joss might have issues with. That said, O HAI Liza Lapira!

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