Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Dollhouse 1.5

* Another uneven episode; the show just can't generate an all-killer ep yet.
* However, the explanation behind Evil Agency Guy's dislike of Echo was welcome, even if it was overdue. But a better way to establish that would have been for Echo to manifest traits of her past implants during this week's assignment, rather than just randomly generating Kick-Ass Girl traits.
* The whole Man-Reaction thing also made sense, but you'd think Topher or somebody would have thought about that before putting all these young hottie Dolls (seriously, no full-figured Actives?) in co-ed showers.
* Starting with next week's episode, supposedly, TEH JOSS finally got to write "in his own voice." If that's true, and we start getting to the meat of things, that might be enough to boost the show not only creatively, but ratings-wise. As of this past Friday, the show looks to be holding steady, but one can never be too sure with Fox.

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Anonymous said...

it's kind of sad to have to keep hoping the show will get better...but I guess that's just what I do...